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Empowering Success Through Strategic Solutions

Partnering with organizations to unlock their full potential and achieve excellence through tailored strategic solutions.

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Tailored Solutions

Our team crafts custom solutions to meet your unique challenges and objectives, ensuring the perfect fit for your organization.

Proven Expertise

With years of industry experience, TechStride is your trusted partner for strategic guidance and execution.

Drive Growth

We are committed to helping you achieve sustainable growth, leveraging cutting-edge strategies and industry insights.

Enhance Efficiency

Our solutions streamline operations, optimizing efficiency and resource utilization.

Innovation Focused

TechStride continually explores innovative approaches to keep you ahead of the curve.


We measure our success by your success, delivering real results and measurable impact.

Our Services

At TechStride, we leverage our extensive expertise to provide tailored solutions in various domains, ensuring your organization's success. Explore our core areas of excellence.

B2B Application Development and Scaling

From conceptualization to scaling, we excel in crafting and growing B2B applications that drive business growth and efficiency.

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Enterprise Application Maintenance

Trust us to maintain your enterprise applications, ensuring they remain secure, reliable, and optimized for peak performance.

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B2C Application Development

We specialize in creating user-friendly and engaging B2C applications that cater to consumer needs and preferences, delivering exceptional user experiences.

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FinTech Solutions

Our FinTech expertise empowers financial institutions with cutting-edge solutions, enhancing efficiency and customer experiences.

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Blockchain Technologies

We have a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, enabling us to develop secure and innovative solutions for various industries.

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MarTech Solutions

Navigate the digital marketing landscape with our MarTech solutions, optimizing your strategies and boosting ROI.

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About TechStride

TechStride was founded by Austin Buckler with a deep appreciation for the Canadian landscape and a commitment to delivering excellence to clients around the world. Our headquarters in Vancouver, BC, and Saskatoon, SK, are strategically located to serve clients across diverse sectors and global locations.

Canada's rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and innovation has inspired our team. We take pride in being part of a nation known for its openness, diversity, and dedication to progress. While we call Canada home, our reach extends beyond borders, allowing us to collaborate with clients from all walks of life.

Austin Buckler's dedication to client excellence is the cornerstone of TechStride's ethos. We believe in fostering lasting partnerships by listening to our clients' unique needs and offering solutions that exceed expectations. Our discreet presence in the background ensures that our clients take center stage as the obvious choice for their strategic initiatives.

TechStride's vision is not limited by geographic boundaries; it is a testament to the global community we serve. We embrace the opportunities Canada offers while extending our reach to support organizations worldwide in their pursuit of excellence.

Explore TechStride's suite of comprehensive solutions and discover the path to excellence that awaits in every partnership. Welcome to TechStride, where your success is our driving force, and our appreciation for Canada's values of openness and innovation fuels our commitment to global client satisfaction.

North Saskatchewan River and Downtown Vancouver

Meet Our Team

Austin Buckler

Austin Buckler

Founder / CEO

Alex Sim

Alex Sim


Brendan Kelly

Brendan Kelly

Principal Engineer

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